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Help to identify 2 components.
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Payalnik 9 months ago
I need to <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(60, 64, 67)">identify 2 components on the this PCB (on the pic). Please be kindly to help me.![Balancer..jpg](//</span> ![Schematic_Balance 1.png](// <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(60, 64, 67)">1\. AL W84 \(SOT\-89\) </span>(U3 and U4)<span class="colour" style="color:rgb(60, 64, 67)"></span> <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(60, 64, 67)">2. </span>43B1 (SOT-23) (U1 and U2) Its a battery passive balancer for LFePO4 for one element (3,65V). Its have 2 steps for balancing - little current and big current. Maximum current is 0.53A.
andyfierman 9 months ago
Even if the devices are as yet unknown, it would be much easier to identify them if a circuit was made available from the board.
JLCPCBsupport 9 months ago
Hello, Thank you for your post on this forum. However, it appears that your post is not directly related to JLC Assembly service. To ensure better interaction for your request, we kindly recommend that you adjust the topic of this post and place it in the "General Discuss" section. Thank you.
Payalnik 9 months ago
@andyfierman Hi! I made and added the circuit (on main topic).
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