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Hi, my name is Sancho!
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Sancho 9 years ago
I’m living in Spain and I am an electronic hobbyist (basically being a technician for kV and kA, but have never been working in that field …). I’m interested in anything - therefore I know nothing. Signality asked me to check out easyEDA, I understood that you are in an early stage and in need of some crash test dummies. I have never used any “modern” schematic editor / simulator except CircuitLab, and never made a circuit board layout using a computer, so this will be a challenge (I’ve made some printed circuits years ago, but now I use only veroboard and verowire). My system: OS X 10.6.8, Safari 5.1.10 (sometimes latest Firefox, I hate it because of the running updates). Before I start with my comments I have to apologize - I am Sancho ;-) What I write is what I see and feel, here as a first time user with little experience. This is my very personal view how things should be (in 2013). You can easily ignore that - - - but it’s what I want to say, so I say it. Not sure if you want to read it? ;-) Most of my comments will be negative, simply because there are too many positive aspects to write them down. I always try to be honest / direct / straight, things are complicated enough. And I write how I (Sancho) feel in that very first moment I use the tool. Therefore: Please, do not take my comments personally or as an offense against easyEDA in general, it’s not meant like that. You can call me a fool because that’s often true, however, I love it straight (input and output). I’ll now try to mark separate points like “Sancho_nn” for easy reference here, because my points are comments, not bugs. However, the points were found “in a line”, to make sense / find the context you may have to read the point before. Otherwise it would be too much work for me to describe my findings. Regards, Sancho
dillon 9 years ago
Thanks. Informed in advance
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