How are these quantities worked out?
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pommie 1 week ago
I've just got a quote for 5 boards to be assembled. The list of the selected parts is, ![parts.png](// OK, in the middle of the list is SPK1 - 1 per board = 5 needed. However, C1 - 1 per board - why 20 needed? R6, R7 - why 100 needed? A lot of the numbers above aren't divisible by 5. I.E. 34, 49, 62, 29. Most of the quantities seem to be wrong. Thanks for the help. Mike. Edit, OK, I can see that some are minimum quantities but the very top one isn't. BC857 - there are 6 on each board so the quantity should be 30 and the minimum is 15. So why 34?
JLCPCBsupport 1 week ago
Hello ; Kindly check is there are some components that require MOQ because if you order a part for assembly then the Minimum Ordering Quantity should be respected. You still can verify your BOM file to make sure that the upload quantities are ok. Further more, you can share the components parts numbers and we can help you understand the reason why you get these quantities for the suspected ones. You can Email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to get the appropriate explanation. Please let us know if you need any further details :) We are here to serve you.
pommie 6 days ago
OK, let's go with the top one BC857. 34 in total required for 5 boards. That's 6.8 per board!!! Also, check my edit above. Second one 2n7002 - 49 required = 9.8 per board!!! Third ...... I could carry on but would just like the above explaining. Mike.
JLCPCBsupport 6 days ago
@pommie Could you please send me your GERBER file, BOM and P&P files to check this out! Thank you for your time sir.
pommie 6 days ago
Where do I send them? Mike.
JLCPCBsupport 5 days ago
@pommie Please send to the following Email address : [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
pommie 5 days ago
Unfortunately the board has been updated many times since 3 days ago. However, I just submitted the latest version for a quote and have emailed those files.BC557 = 34 = 6.8 per board, BC847 - 29 = 5.8 per board etc. Mike.
JLCPCBsupport 1 day ago
@pommie Hello, I hope that you still need the explanation for the Assembly quantities. Actually I have checked the BOM and P&P files that you have provided and I will go with two examples to explain why you are getting these quantities. the first example is the part C8545, considering your BOM the part has to have a total of 5 pieces for 5 PCBs since it has a quantity of 1 piece in the BOM file but when you placed the order you got 9 pieces instead of 5 and this is for the simple reason that the part should get 4 extra pieces for attrition to SMT Assembly as it is mentioned in the part notice (kindly check the below image)  ![extra parts.png](// The second example is the part C2297, the part has 222 pieces in the BOM file so a total of 1110 pieces for 5 Assembled PCBs but you get 1115 and the reason is all the same because the part has to have extra 5 pieces for attrition to SMT Assembly process. ![extra part.png](// You can have more details by clicking on the (?) mark which display the Part notice. Please let us know if we can further assist you. Best regards.
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