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How do I get to see my custom surface colours in a custom 3D model for a part/component
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Gerriko io 1 year ago
I am able to import my 3d parts using the "File -> New -> 3D Model..." menu option and can readily resize or orienteer the part to fit etc. However I notice that all my "*.wrl" models imported are only shown as a single colour. Yet I know that you can get colour 3d parts as the standard red, blue and green LED 3D model's all have colour. Similarly capacitors and resistors show multi shades of grey etc. So how does this work? I know if I open up my .wrl files in a CAD package I can see my different colours for different surfaces etc.
Gerriko io 1 year ago
Hmmm, it looks like it's more to do with how I created my CAD file (must be a property missing) than a problem with EasyEDA 3D model import, as I found a wrl file online which had coloured surfaces and when I imported this one into EasyEDA the different surface colours were displayed.
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