How to find parts when no exact match is found
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Pierre Demartines 8 months ago
Hello, I am quite new to EasyEDA. So far so good, it's great and intuitive! However, I keep having trouble with the "search part" phase. It seems that the search is mostly keyword-based. Is there some form of faceted search available? Can I search by package type, or by pitch, width and number of pins? When a specific part isn't in the library, is there a way to find by package type and component function? I have read several posts and documents, including: * [](, * [https://easyeda\.com/andyfierman/Welcome\_to\_EasyEDA\-31e1288f882e49e582699b8eb7fe9b1f](, in particular 2.3 that leads to: * []( but I still don't understand the search phase itself and how to achieve better reuse of existing parts. Let's take a concrete example. I happen to have a quad resistor array from Digi-Key: [YC324J-2.2KCT-ND]( That specific part is not currently found anywhere in the library. So, what are the next steps from there? I've tried at least a dozen search queries to try to get something similar and usable, but to no avail. How do I relax my search to find something that will work with minimal customization (perhaps a similar resistor array with same package dimension, possibly different resistance value)? How about starting with some generic package type (here: 8-pin, 2012, Convex, Long Side Terminals)? Otherwise, am I just encouraged to create a new part, specifically with that part number?  Given the plethora of parts out there, if everybody goes ahead and creates their own specific parts for what should be common ones, without composability of traits and characteristics, IMHO that severely reduces reuse and encourages entropy (a "zoo"). What am I missing?
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