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I want to order SMT Assembly. But in my BOM, JLPCB SMD is not showing Yes.
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Andrew Braae 1 year ago
I want to use the SMT assembly service. I've uploaded my Gerber file fine. But when I come to upload my BOM, I see that my 5 capacitors have a blank in the LCSC assembly column. The resistors on the other hand show Yes. Am I doing something wrong? How can I query for capacitors that \*will\* be accepted by the SMT assesmbly service? ![bom.png](//
Markus_ee 1 year ago
Hi! Indeed you have chosen the wrong capacitors. Those are not supported by JLCPBC SMT assembly. You need to go 'JLCPCB Assembled' tab in the Library seach window and choose components from there. 100nF Electrolytic capacitors most definitely are rare to use in a circuit. However, 100nF ceramics do. That is why JLCPCB doesn't use 100nF electrolytic capacitors in their SMT assembly. Choose 100nF ceramic capacitors instead. Maybe this component is better suited for your needs: ![image.png](// Regards, Markus Virtanen HW / Electronics Designer
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