Is it ok for Silkscreen to go on a copper area/layer?
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skunksoftware 2 months ago
I have silkscreen on the bottom and top layers. On the top layer I use a GND copper pour over the layer. This is my first PCB, I'm learning and I learned that silkscreen over SMD pads is bad.  **Is it ok to silkscreen on top layer with a copper pour?** I will be using the default PCB setup (default settings for PCB quote).
MikeDB 2 months ago
Is anything being soldered to the copper pour ?  If not then silkscreen is fine.
skunksoftware 2 months ago
@MikeDB **Thank you Mike!**   So a rule of thumb, _silkscreen is fine if it ain't on a 'solder spot'._
Voltar99 2 months ago
@skunksoftware It's ok to have silkscreen anywhere, including off the board!  The Gerber generation masks it off automatically.  You'll see this when you do a Gerberview. V
andyfierman 2 months ago
It is not good practice to place silkscreen where it will overlap the exposed copper of any pads. The silkscreen is to define the outline of the component including any package and placement tolerances. It is also to illustrate the outline so that components can be placed far enough apart to allow for access for rework. It is therefore not good practice to place components where the silkscreen will overlap the edges of the board because this may result in the component itself overhanging or at least being too close the board edge. There is also usually a minimum spacing required between the physical edges of the PCB and the edges of any copper tracks and planes so placing components too close to the PCB edge may violate the minimum copper to edge spacing. Some library parts have badly designed silkscreen that makes overlapping the PCB edge unavoidable but they should be reported as errors and redrawn with the overhanging parts on the Document or possibly the Mechanical layer.
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