Is it possible to ship JLCPCB + LCSC parts oder together?
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electrostuff 6 months ago
Helllo, I do not know how closely related LCSC and JLCPCB are, so maybe this question is silly, but I'm asking anyway. I am about to place an order with JLCPCB for a design, where not all components can be assembled / are available for assembly from JLCPCB. Now I created an order list at LCSC for the missing parts, because... well I need them too, obviously, to solder them myself. Now I am facing  paying shipping to my  country twice, which seems unnecessary. So I am wondering - can JLCPCB source the non-assembled parts from LCSC and ship everything in one package, for only 1x shipping cost?
JLCPCBsupport 6 months ago
Hi , JLCPCB , LCSC and Easyeda are family sites , but website operation is independent .  Now JLCPCB doesn't  support shipping together with LCSC order . But everything is possibel in the future . JLCPCB SMT service  will support all components from lcsc .    :)
Kaisha 6 months ago
I would love this option as well.  To be able to export an SMT design from easyeda directly into jlcpcb, and any parts that can't be placed also ordered through LCSC in the same order, from the same web page, with a single shipping cost.
JLCPCBsupport 6 months ago
Stay tuned !
hstone 5 months ago
Yeap, would be nice to combine boards (JLCPCB) & components (LCSC) in one order, would increase user satisfaction (cheaper + better shopping experience)
whitehedr 5 months ago
I am a first time customer and I am asking the same question.  I will indeed “stay tuned”. I hope the situation gets fixed quickly. ROG
JFK422 5 months ago
They had it at one point but couldn't support it anymore as it was a nightmare with shipping tax declarations. Thou they still kinda support it with a shipping discount. See: [](
andrewandroid0 2 days ago
Thanks JFK. Link is now [](
JLCPCBsupport 2 days ago
@andrewandroid0 Hello Please read the note carefully because the link is related to the discount offer provided by LCSC under some requirements and not related to a combined shipping of parts and PCBs which has been canceled since Mar. 11th GMT+8 2019
EdHayes3 43 minutes ago
I'd love to see this too! I usually order in pairs. When will we get to see ALL the LCSC components for SMD?
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