JLC SMT RoadMap in 2021
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dillon 7 months ago
Now , It is  Chinese New Year,  the Spring Festival, the biggest Festival in China. Thanks for all who trust EasyEDA , JLCPCB and LCSC. We started  EasyEDA in 2010, and lunched it in 2014. we have serviced a lot of  people, help them to build things more easier than even.  For a china company, we are glad to win your trust, and we will do our best  in the future . From 2017,  All EasyEDA servers, databases in AWS, the data center not in China  ,  EasyEDA is a brand in global , In China, we have other brand  In the end of 2020, EasyEDA team will help JLC SMT in some technology improvement , and Dillon will be the one of   JLC SMT managers to build a super nice SMT . The SMT roadMap in 2021, 1. we will support 80% components assembly in LCSC , now just 20%.  before August 2. will support  lots of SMD connects , we are doing some test ,and made some THT connects online already . Before June 3. will support double sides assembly, V-cut , in one worlds , If we can fab your PCB, we can assemble for you, any color ,and thickness etc.  Before July 4. no limit 50pcs, maybe 1000 pcs .  before August 5. will support almost all LCSC stocks. 6. will support Digikey, mouser, TI store stocks . If LCSC and JLC without stocks, we can buy them for you from these sites. 7. If you use EasyEDA. we can make Digikey, mouser, TI store  MPN on STM inventory soon, in 24 hours. Even the MPN not in LCSC. 8. If you use EasyEDA, we will hep you to create the symbols and footprint, you can apply this service in 3 months. 9. 5pcs, 10pcs PCB+SMT lead time will be in 72 hours ,even 48 hours.  before August. 10. New SMT viewer and editor like bellow Gif  . in a few days.   2021, will be a great year for JLC SMT and EASYEDA.   ![193055ub17mat3et88e1bb.gif](// <br> <br>
JLCPCBsupport 7 months ago
Many thanks for the great efforts of the whole **JLCPCB**, **EasyEDA** and **LCSC** teams. The year 2020 was a good year, many challenges were on the table and it was all achieved with success, this brings higher challenges and we believe that with the great potential of these combined teams together the provided service on 2021 will be much better and this is in the interest of all the customers. **The Spring Festival** is already here, we wish you all the best of success and wellness. > Best is yet to come..
MikeDB 7 months ago
Great news !!!! Wishing you all a happy holiday
Conrado Poole 5 months ago
@dillon have you got an ETA for item number 10, the new SMT viewer?
Conrado Poole 5 months ago
One more question: On item 3, If you can fab it you can assemble it. Will that also include 2oz PCBs? There are a lot of cases where 2oz are preferred due to the amps flowing through the traces and it would be great to be able to have those assembled as well.
rluisant 5 months ago
Please be able to source Allwinner ICs and other SoCs that are hard to get! It's more for LCSC, but it would be a killer feature for me to have.
Iridium 4 months ago
Wow! That's fantastic! Thank you!
other.mod 3 months ago
I'm hoping to see double sided assembly, V-cut, and >30pcs for 0.8mm boards soon. Are these parts of the roadmap still coming by the dates you estimated?
Kaisha 2 months ago
That's great.  There are tons of items in the JLCPLB SMT parts library that I would love to play with, but they are always out of stock.
pommie 2 months ago
This is excellent news. Only discovered easyEDA and JLCPCB about a year ago and tell everyone (who's interested) about them. Mike.
mwon 2 weeks ago
Hi, Thanks for the information @dillon. Is there any prediction about when the "support double sides assembly" will be available?
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