JLCPCB manufacturing time
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Lamb TheBamb 1 week ago
Soo,this is my first time ordering from jlpcb, 2 of my pcbs have finished their production progress. however, the other 2 have been stuck at electrical testing for more than 27 hours. is this normal? I was really in a bit of a rush to get these pcb but they have gone over their estimated finish time. the supports assured me 12 hours ago that they will speed up my production cycle but alas no avail.
JLCPCBsupport 1 week ago
Hello ; Thank you for your post. Please consider that the provided date for manufacturing is an estimated date, you don't have to worry as long as the PCB is in production cycle, if anything occurs you will be immediately notified through your Email by the support team. It could be the update of the real time display, in some rare cases the real time doesn't get updated but as I told already everything is OK and soon you will notice that the order jump to the final step and ready to be shipped. We are counting on your understanding.
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