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JLPCB does not provide IOSS Number to EU customers
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Tapio Haapala 3 months ago
This is big fat warning to all EU customers. JLPCB company policy is currently that they wont provide IOSS numbers to customers. So they collect "VAT" but customer needs to pay that VAT **again** to customs because no IOSS number provided. I dont know is real reason that they wont actually book keep that VAT and this make easier to collect it to own pocket or do they not just know how IOSS works. They say that they will provide it to DHL but at least in Finland DHL will collect 20€ + 5% (what is more than vat) if they do customs work but you can do it by freee from customs page with few clicks. But for that customer need to know seller IOSS number. So if you want use JLPCB order as company or prepare to paid your vat twice.
JLCPCBsupport 3 months ago
Dear Tapio, We are sorry for the possible problem and inconvenience caused. Regarding to the IOSS issue, we have checked your order, the reason why you are required to pay VAT again and the extra DHL fee is because the option " self service" was chosen by your side for customs clearance. If you choose "self service", it means that you will do customs clearance work and pay VAT to customs by yourself instead of by JLCPCB. We will return the VAT JLCPCB has pre-collected in this situation. Actually if orders satisfy the regulation of IOSS, customers would be free of customs clearance work. JLCPCB pre-collects VAT from customers, will do customs clearance and pay VAT to tax authorities by month. We will provide the IOSS number to detestation customs through DHL, FedEx, UPS etc. for customs clearance, it is not implied on the document or opened to customers for the seek of confidentiality policy. So we are sorry for our support service not providing you the IOSS number, as for your order we will keep contacting with DHL for a better solution. BTW, according to the policy of EU import regulation, IOSS is only available for individual customers(B2C) with an order value below 150 EUR, which can't be applied to company customers. Sometimes we may fail to do customs clearance by IOSS(about 0.1% fail rate) for some reasons like " customs system problem/bug", "customs require to do customs clearance by importer", " total value exceed the threshold due to exchange rate", we can not make sure all orders we pre-collect VAT can be applied by IOSS successfully. But if it is failed to do customs clearance by IOSS, we will refund the VAT fee pre-collected. Thanks for your feedback, we will improve the documentation work on website and provide customers more information about IOSS to avoid possible problem happen again.
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