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Simon999 8 months ago
Hi, Apologies as always if I am being stupid or have missed something obvious or already covered?. But believe me I have searched. Is their a way when searching the libraries that certain conventions can be used? i.e. If I wish to search for A PIC in a 28pin SOIC with 4 PWMs .... etc.... that I can select the library to ONLY return results that ONLY contain ALL of the search parameters rather than anything that contains any part of my search? This would make search so much quicker and easier. i.e. to say enter 28&SOIC&PIC&PWM&16Fxxxxx etc.... ?? I use searching software for other applications that does use this convention and it is super easy to get the correct results from millions of possibles. I tend to start with ALL parameters selected and reduce the number of parameters if no results are returned. Any advice or ideas will be appreciated and may save myself and others days of searching.
Markus_ee 8 months ago
Hi! You can narrow your search criterias in the LCSC pages but I know it is a bit harder to do it in EasyEDA(if not impossible). So, if you have a lot of search parameters, then use LCSC pages. Regards, Markus Virtanen HW / Electronics Designer
andyfierman 8 months ago
To clarify: "So, if you have a lot of search parameters, then the LCSC pages." Go to and search using their part and parameter search tools. From there you can use the "EasyEDA  model" button for parts that have symbols and Footprints in EasyEDA or copy and paste the LCSC part number (Cxxxx) back into the EasyEDA Libraries tool search box.
Simon999 8 months ago
Thanks Andy, Very helpful.
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