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ianditch 1 year ago
I hope somebody can help. I've been messing around with this for 2 days now and still haven't worked it out. I've created my BOM by downloading the example Excel form from the JLCPCB website and including all of my devices. This is fine and most devices are correctly placed on the viewer (ignoring the diode polarity issue). I have a Pic16F1847 in my BOM. I've added this in the same way that i've added the rest of my devices with Designator, Footprint and LSCS part number but when i upload this to their website through the SMT Assembly service, the website does not list the Pic Chip. I've also tried this with many other Pic Chips but i cant seem to get the website to reconise this and list the Chip as a line on the website BOM. The Pic16F1847 is listed as an extended part in their library. Has anybody else witnessed this or know how to include this in my Excel BOM in order for the website to reconise it and list it for placement? Has anybody got a example BOM line to help me or any other help would be appreciated. Ian
ianditch 1 year ago
Just in case anybody else struggles with this... In the comments column of my BOM, I had the picchip as 'Pic1' i've now changed this to 'IC1' and the website does now reconise it! The previewer does show this chip horizontal when it should be vertical but assume thats just a bug in the previewer (24/09/2019)
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