Ordering PCB's: Refund for Not approved PCB's - Could you PLEASE not do this?!?!?!?
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koosjr 1 year ago
JLPCB here we go again. I am delighted to see that your PCB ordering system can read a few more Gerbers. However, when I got to the page I pay, I got the following message in dull text. **We suggest you pay before file review to ensue high efficiency of production. If your file can't be approved to production after reviewing, you will get refund.** Please people! Surely the goal should be to deliver what was ordered. I have explained this more than once before: Some projects requires MORE THAN ONE PCB!!! If I order 10 different types, I want 10 different types! If one board for any reason is not approved, the refund helps nothing if I received only half of what is needed to make my project work. It takes up to 10 days to get an order shipped, so if something is not there, one may be at the very least 10 days behind. Chinese people of all, being so super productive, should certainly understand what that kind of delay can cause. Please people, all that you say is that you will not try to resolve the problem with the customer - and I thought from the previous discussions here that point was driven home at last. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, before you do not approve an order, you have to engage with the client - and this disclaimer creates the impression that you will make that decision on  your own. I would strongly suggest that you remove ALL dull text from your forms. It is simple. I order 100 in blue/green/black. That is what I want. Just make sure what ever could cause grey, is resolved.
pcb_Service 1 year ago
Dear Koosjr, Thanks for your support and feedback to us. So sorry for the inconvenience cuased to your order. As for the text problem you mention.  we will update the improper text soon in the future. Please give us some time to uprade the website, thanks for your suggestion. As for the order refund problem, if I am right that you placed an order which contained ten PCB prototype service, and one board was cancelled and refunded for there was an design issue. Generally we will cancel and refund the order if there is a design problem with the Gerber file you uploaded, we will send you an email to inform you or ask for your confirmation about the design issue. And you can add a new order to your precious unfinished order to get your cancelled PCB gerber deisgn uploaded for production, I know this is a little bit inconvenient as well. We are trying to make a direct fixed Gerber file replacment function on order management control panel, it will take time, we will keep on improving users experience. Thanks for yourt feedback again for making us more better. Here is a new order management function updated on our website, you will have the choice to put the left other boards on production in the same order if there is board having design issue, or to hold the whole order from production till you fix the PCB deisgn and re-upload it for produciton. As for the delay you mentioned, please keep an eye on the order status and the email inbox to check if there is any issue with your order till all of the boards are in production without problem. Generally  we will inform you instantly if there is any problem with your design to avoid possible delay caused to your order. Any question or order issue, please contact with [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), there will be special JLCPCB service team to solve your problem more rapidly and effectively within 24 hours. Best Regard Eunice Yin JLCPCB Group
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