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tiger54 9 months ago
Out of Stock I know what it means. It would be nice to have some more information about it. For example the INA181A3: [https://lcsc\.com/product\-detail/PMIC\-Current\-Power\-Monitors\-Regulators\_TI\_INA181A3IDBVT\_INA181A3IDBVT\_C129285\.html](https://lcsc.com/product-detail/PMIC-Current-Power-Monitors-Regulators_TI_INA181A3IDBVT_INA181A3IDBVT_C129285.html) I ordered it 1 month ago. Now I would like to order some more, but it is "out of stock". I think there are different possibilities: \- you already ordered some more \- you will order them only if there is someone that will order something like 10000 pieces \- you will probably never order them anymore \- discontinued on your store I can wait also 6-12 months or check on other stores, if I know that you will have them in the store again. But since I don't want them for a production, I will only buy something like 10-50, not more. There are 2 nice features you could implement in this case: 1\. Give more info about this "out of stock"\, so I know if it is better to change my PCB design with other components or just wait\. 2\. Add the option "alert me if this component is available again"\, so I will receive an email once it is available\. Just an idea.
andyfierman 9 months ago
Suppliers like Farnell/Element14/Newark, Digikey, Mouser and RS have clear indications about when items are on back order, when new deliveries are expected to be back in stock or if items are no longer stocked or have been discontinued. It would be good to see that type of information on the LCSC pages.
wuqimei 8 months ago
@[tiger54](https://easyeda.com/tiger54) The estimated available date for the parts INA181A3IDBVT is on next Monday or Tuesday. There will be about 500 pcs back into stock. For out of stock parts, we provide inquiry service. Customer can add the request qty to cart and submit an inquiry order. Our purchasing team would reply the price and the available time ASAP within 48 hours. Thanks for the great suggestions. @[tiger54](https://easyeda.com/tiger54) @**andyfierman** We are working on it to have the information you mentioned provided at the website. Besides, we are going to improve the design for the inquiry service. We wonder whether you know you can get a quick quotation including an available time by submitting an inquiry order. It would be very appreciated If you have any advise for the improvement.
tiger54 8 months ago
@wuqimei Inquiry is more for business or for productions. If you build something to test or as hobby, you don't want disturb or request a quote/inquiry. I don't know if you understand me. Personally, I think a reference to some info would be great. Like "coming soon" or "ordered". Or also an option where I can put an alert request, so if it is available again I am informed. In some shops you see that you can make a request (say 10 pcs) and you see the requests of all users on that items with a negative number. So if you have it in stock, you see for example 12330 and once it is out of stock and many people are requesting it you see a number like -1550. And once it is available again, you get a mail to inform that it is available again.
MikeDB 8 months ago
I tried to use the quote/inquiry system about a year ago and by the time I got a quote for one part being available, another two went out of stock !    I don't think LCSC is really large enough to use as a proper distributor I'm afraid - they are more a larger version of the Alibaba/Aliexpress type of component suppliers with random stocks of stuff.
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