Out of stock - backorder dates?
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Damon Brodie 2 months ago
Hi, I submitted my PCB for build and assembly but I had an issue with the footprints on some parts and had to resubmit.  Now the part my board is centered around - the ATMEGA32U4 is out of stock ([C44854](https://jlcpcb.com/parts/componentSearch?searchTxt=atmega32u4)) Is it possible to know when this would be back in stock? If I can't submit my order for assembly because the part is out of stock, how will the team that handles restocking know that part is in demand?  This is less important to me while I'm in the prototyping phase, but if I want to order the assembled PCB in volume then I need some predictability for when these parts can be assembled. My suggestions: 1) Add backorder dates to the part pages.  If the parts will not be restocked then that should be indicated as well. 2) Allow for my PCB and assembly orders to be submitted into a queue even if there are out of stock parts.  This would provide the stocking teams information on what parts are required ASAP to fulfill orders.
JLCPCBsupport 2 months ago
Hello ; Thank you for writing the post here. It is already mentioned in JLCPCB website that the SMT Assembly process is getting moved to a new bigger factory so this is maybe a reason of slowing some SMT related tasks but as it says already this issue is temporary and then everything will be restored even better than before. In many missed parts cases we advise the requester to choose an alternative to the missed component but in your case this is not possible since we are talking about an MCU which have to be all the same and unfortunately all the ATMega32 series is out of stock, for better assistance on when to get the part available again you can send an Email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and I will try to check it also with the logistics team. Since this is a prototyping phase then I advise you to just un-check the missed part from your Assembly part list and just get it from an external supplier (you can get it from LCSC) and solder it yourself once you receive the order. For future orders as I already mentioned SMT assembly service will be more efficient so when you move to serial production you will have better service :) Thank you for all the good suggestions and for the time taken to write your post here.
bwinter 2 months ago
I would agree that it would be a great feature to be able to see **when** out-of-stock parts are expected to be restocked (instead of having to email each time).  Then we could better gauge it if we should re-design, or simply wait.
JLCPCBsupport 2 months ago
@bwinter Hello Thank you for the time taken to write for us your comment, we apprieciate that you are sending the feedback to improve our service and this is what we consider the most. As I said in some other posts, The SMT Assembly is a new process in JLCPCB so we are improving it day after day and as we promised before, we will take the SMT Assembly service to a higher quality level that's why we are moving our SMT Assembly to a new bigger factory which will help us to better handle the process. As announced in JLCPCB official website : [https://support.jlcpcb.com/article/126-smt-stencil-production-center-expansion-notice?_ga=2.63171823.1703090589.1599860796-1865388022.1590056196](https://support.jlcpcb.com/article/126-smt-stencil-production-center-expansion-notice?_ga=2.63171823.1703090589.1599860796-1865388022.1590056196) > **SMT/Stencil Factory Expansion Notice** > Our SMT and Stencil factory is being expanded. We’re switching SMT and Stencil factory to a bigger one. SMT assembly order is temporarily limited to no more than 10pcs and the lead time may delay 2-3 days due to factory relocation. > **Why do we move our factory to another one?  ** > > > * The current prototype SMT production line is saturated with high load > * Improve efficiency and provide customers with advanced SMT mode, one-stop&efficient service, and more personalized options. > * Make more SMT quantity available and serve more customers Thank you all for posting your feedback here.
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