Part K3-1296S-J1
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Danny K 8 months ago
Do you know when K3-1296S-J1 LCSC part will be added to components?
andyfierman 8 months ago
I note that there is no datasheet for this part: [https://lcsc\.com/product\-detail/Toggle\-Switches\_Korean\-Hroparts\-Elec\-K3\-1296S\-J1\_C223848\.html]( The "datasheet" link on: []( is broken. A datasheet will need to be uploaded before any PCB Footprint can be created. I do not know how similar the K3-1296S-E1 part is: [https://lcsc\.com/product\-detail/Toggle\-Switches\_Korean\-Hroparts\-Elec\-K3\-1296S\-E1\_C128955\.html](
wuqimei 5 months ago
Hi Danny, andyfierman, The datasheet of K3-1296S-J1 has been uploaded. [https://datasheet\.lcsc\.com/szlcsc/1908291204\_Korean\-Hroparts\-Elec\-K3\-1296S\-J1\_C223848\.pdf](
andyfierman 5 months ago
@wuqimei, Thanks for that. @Danny K, Comparing the datasheets, the footprints for the K3-1296S-J1 in: [https://datasheet\.lcsc\.com/szlcsc/1908291204\_Korean\-Hroparts\-Elec\-K3\-1296S\-J1\_C223848\.pdf]( and the K3-1296S-E1 in: [https://datasheet\.lcsc\.com/szlcsc/1908221505\_Korean\-Hroparts\-Elec\-K3\-1296S\-E1\_C128955\.pdf]( are identical. Therefore the existing PCB Footprint for the can be assigned to the Package attribute of any suitable Schematic Symbol, renamed to "K3-1296S-J1". * Recommend that you use one of these two symbols from the LCSC library: ![image.png](// and: 1. rename the symbol in the schematic to: K3-1296S-J1 2. change the supplier part to: C223848 3. change the Manufacturer part to: K3-1296S-J1 4. keep the Package assignment as: K3-1296S-E1
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