Pug for bcp to wire connectors
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Mateusz Lewandowski 4 months ago
Hello, I need to place z 4 pin socket on my PCB (eg. this one: [https://lcsc\.com/product\-detail/Wire\-To\-Board\-Wire\-To\-Wire\-Connector\_Boom\-Precision\-Elec\-XH\-4A\_C37815\.html](https://lcsc.com/product-detail/Wire-To-Board-Wire-To-Wire-Connector_Boom-Precision-Elec-XH-4A_C37815.html) but it can be anything similar to this). I'm finding it hard to find a suitable plug for such connectors on LCSC to connect a wire to this connector. Could you help me to find a matching component?
wuqimei 4 months ago
@[Mateusz Lewandowski](https://easyeda.com/mateusz.lewandowski90) Not sure if it is the right one for you. Please check [https://lcsc\.com/product\-detail/Rectangular\-Connectors\-Housings\_Boom\-Precision\-Elec\-XH\-4Y\_C15929\.html](https://lcsc.com/product-detail/Rectangular-Connectors-Housings_Boom-Precision-Elec-XH-4Y_C15929.html). For more options, please look through this category: [https://lcsc.com/products/Rectangular-Connectors-Housings_11067.html](https://lcsc.com/products/Rectangular-Connectors-Housings_11067.html).
Mateusz Lewandowski 4 months ago
Thanks for help, that's exactly what I was looking for :) I guess that I'll need connectors from this group for this plug: [https://lcsc.com/products/Terminals_11070.html](https://lcsc.com/products/Terminals_11070.html) And here is another question: which one will be suitable for this plug: [https://lcsc\.com/product\-detail/Rectangular\-Connectors\-Housings\_Boom\-Precision\-Elec\-XH\-4Y\_C15929\.html](https://lcsc.com/product-detail/Rectangular-Connectors-Housings_Boom-Precision-Elec-XH-4Y_C15929.html) ?
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