Quantity conflict (Discontinued vs Out of Stock vs JLCPCB SMT Service)
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andrewandroid0 1 month ago
Hi all, I love using EasyEDA. But I'm often left with uncertainty about what I will receive from the SMT service. ![confusing.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/azpu8ecYKLggMRDAGlTEA3YUhAuwA9vyQLDaqpc7.png) Please see the above text, "Stock: 0 (766099 for JLCPCB SMT Service" (as highlighted in the picture). Does this mean that the part is out of stock at LCSC, but that JLCPCB still has reels of the part still available for their SMT Service? As a separate issue, the part says "Discontinued" when I click the link. I suppose that means that I should select another part and cross my fingers when I order the SMT service. However, if it's in stock, then I would order it, if I could! What is your personal method / process, for struggling through this to get a reliable BOM and SMT service? Thanks, Andrew
JLCPCBsupport 1 month ago
Hello Andrew ; First verse, thank you for the time taken to wrtite your ^post here. As you already mentioned in your post, "...Does this mean that the part is out of stock at LCSC, but that JLCPCB still has reels..." Yes that's the right explanation of what it shows the library, the part is no longer available at LCSC stock but stills available at JLCPCB stock so if you are willing to use the part for SMT Assembly it is OK as long as the parts is available at [JLCPCB Parts library](https://jlcpcb.com/parts). You can notice this when you search the part at LCSC website : [https://lcsc\.com/product\-detail/Light\-Emitting\-Diodes\-LED\_Hubei\-KENTO\-Elec\-C2297\_C2297\.html](https://lcsc.com/product-detail/Light-Emitting-Diodes-LED_Hubei-KENTO-Elec-C2297_C2297.html) And when you search for it at JLCPCB Part library : [https://jlcpcb.com/parts/componentSearch?searchTxt=c2297](https://jlcpcb.com/parts/componentSearch?searchTxt=c2297) About handling the SMT Assembly service, your way is the right way, I mean while using easyEDA search for the parts from "JLCPCB Assembled" library since it shows what is compatible with the SMT Assembly service provided by JLCPCB. Thank you.
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