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  reefhermit, 2 years ago

In addition to PCB fab do you provide assembly services? If yes, other than the obvious design, what am I required to provide in the way of component part numbers. All components of my design have been chosen from your libraries some (or most) without part numbers and/or manufacturer info. Should I research these to completion or better to develop my own component list?





We do provide assembly service.
The assembly services's cost will be quote via email, but you can use the bellow formula,

  1. if all your components' supplier is seeedstudio, the setup price is $10.
  2. if there are some components's supplier not seeedstudio, the setup price is $50 and we will buy these IC for you or you can ship the components to us.
  3. the assembly cost depends pads, one pad is $0.1.
  4. if all the pads more than 200, we will add $20 stencil cost.

    How to change and setup the suppliers part number, if you choose digi-key, you must find a digi-key number and add it. EasyEDA will add these information auto soon.

enter image description here


Thank you Dillon . . . I will begin working on the final design.



Please check your email about your PCBA quote ASAP, thanks.


Working on it!


@dillon Is it 50$ setup price for any quantity of PCBs or 50$ per PCB?


@Ruirochalima1 any quantity for $50 setup.


@support Thanks. I have other questions:

1 - Is 0.1$ per pad per PCB, or 0.1$ per pad for any PCB quantity?
2 - Is more 20$ stencil cost per pad or for any PCB quantity?
3 - Is more 20$ if all the pads are more than 200 for each PCB or for any PCB quantity?



  1. 0.1$ per pad per PCB. If PCB quantity more than 50pcs, the price will be adjusted.
  2. any PCB quantity, one time cost.
    3 if PCB pcs less than 50, should be 20$ for 200 for each PCB.

Hi, do you have a list of parts suppliers we can order from ?


@Preynen, we can use mouser or digikey.


I have 2 questions related to this Assembly service
1) For Digikey parts, I suppose I have to order Digikey Reel Packaging, not Cut-Tape. Am I right?

2) When I want to use SeeedStudio components, should I use components from EASYEDA search box or I have to search for components from SeeedStudio website?
For example I open the search box, SeeedStudio/Inductor. I have this item in the top of the list:
SMD-FERRITE-BEAD-120R-2A(0603) (Footprint/Package: L0603) There's no other information such as the SeeedStudio's PartNumber or Manufacturer part number.

3) For passive components such as bypass caps, resistors, ferrites ... Do you have in-house reels which can be shared amongst users and I can just order directly from you. Digikey charges $9 for reeling fee.

Best regards,


1) We will help you to order, you don't need to think about, but you need to choose the right digikey number.

2). In this case, you can use others.

3) If you can find on Digikey or mouser, we can help you to order. If you are on batch order, we can help you to save lots of money. If some RLC just need to batch value and package, Yes we have lots of components in stock.

Please note,
You can't save money for prototype on us, because of shipping cost, just save time. you can test them on your lab. or local. and order batch from EasyEDA.


Thanks Dillon.
You work hard!
I don't understand some of your answers
2) "In this case, you can use others" --> You mean the components listed in SeeedStudio website?
3) "If some RLC just need to batch value and package, Yes we have lots of components in stock."
Did you mean "match"?


2) mean you can use others compoents, from such as Digikey, mouser.

3) Yes, match


This is to ask you about "how to tell you that I want to use your assembly service?" is it a parameter to select while ordering the PCB or how?



Please see:

to find out how to start off the PCB order process.

Then on the PCB order page that will open up look for the Remark section:

enter image description here

This is the section in which you can request that EasyEDA supply you with assembled PCBs (PCBAs).

Support will then contact you by email to make any further arrangements depending on whther all your components are from the EasyEDA Components library or if you have some that are from other suppliers or if anything needs any special mounting instructions etc.


@andyfierman well received :)
Thank you



If i developer my PCB in proteus software,
how i can developer assembly PCB with easyEDA ? Just send my GEBER file and write my wish in form REMARK ?

If i have with me all component there are possiblity send this components for you or i need just buy all component with your partner company ?

I would like do big quantity, is more cheap easyEDA buy all component for me ?

Thank you


Hi ViniciusSenna,

Welcome to EasyEDA.

You can drag and drop your Proteus Gerber files into the PCB Order page:

Please enter your requirements for EasyEDA to the supply the parts and to carry out PCB Assembly in the Remark box as shown above.

If you have BoM which includes all the parts and - preferrably - the part's supplier information too, then it will help if you state that you are going to email a copy of your BoM to Support. That will save them having to email you to ask for it.

Please have all necessary assembly information ready as Support will need this to give you a quote.

Note that although all bare PCBs are 100% electrically tested, you will still have to test the final assembled boards: EasyEDA cannot carry out PCBA functional testing.



Hi All,
EasyEDA desn't support PCB assembly at present, we just provide PCB order and components order via .
A few months later, We will provide almost free PCB assembly for who use the SMD components at .



Do you have a more precise date as to when this service will be brought back? It is very interesting.
As for now, do you propose an alternative for those who need their design assembled?

Thanks a lot, your service is invaluable.


Thanks. The service is online, but just for Chinese users. we helped about 300 customers to assembly/day. normal, a PCBA house just an help 10 customers.

Next month, we will list our SMD components for assembly service , but need to order via email.

Very begin of next year, the service can be public for All.

The price is unbeatable.
Setup cost is about $10,
Every pad is about $0.03/pad
No stencils cost, no any other cost.
Time is supper fast, all most the same time of PCB LEAD TIME. about 3days - 4days.



That is a GREAT NEW!! I will shout an email after next month when ready for an assembly.
Thanks :)


Any news on when this service will be available.
I was about to use Seeed to make the board as they have an assembly option, but it would be great to do the entire process here.


@deadevilgrounds We do need more time to make it public.

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