SMT Basic Library NAND gate
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leif 1 month ago
Hi! I have not been able to find a NAND gate (7400 or 4011) in the basic library. I can find the AND gate (7408) but try as I might, there doesn't seem to be a NAND gate. Did I miss it? It seems strange, since the NAND gate is one of the two most basic discrete logic circuits (the other being NOR). Any other logic function can be built with just NAND gates. So, it would have made sense for it to be in the basic library :). Any recommendations / thoughts?
JLCPCBsupport 1 month ago
Hello ; Basic components are most common parts that have already loaded on P&P machines and keep on the same feeder, so we don’t have to keep switching in and out and there is no labor fee on basic library components, it is true that the NAND gate IC is a kind of generic component but we have the number of feeder  limitation so we select the most used components (the most generic ones). Maybe you can create the NAND gate circuit using the following combination : * 7408 AND gate : LCSC Part # C5593 (Basic part) * 7404 NOT gate : LCSC Part # C5590 (Basic part) All what you have to do is a simple calculation of the expenses, calculate the value of these two circuits and compare it to the money that you will spend on extended NAND Gate part and define what suits you more. Thank you for the time taken to make your post here.
leif 1 month ago
@JLCPCBsupport Thank you for the response! :)
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