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SMT Pick and Place issue
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01-0077 1 year ago
Hi, I recently placed an order for a PCB with SMT assembly.  The BOM and Pick & Place files were generated by EasyEDA.  The DFM Analysis shows some components oriented with incorrect rotation and all components mid x mid y appear low and to the left.  This has been corrected by JLCPCB but I would like to get it right before uploading my orders in the future. Also, some components have a warning that the Pad to Pad spacing is too large.  I chose all components from the LCSC library so cannot understand why this warning appears and if it will have a detrimental effect on my PCB. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, John. <br>  ![smt pcb.png](//
01-0077 1 year ago
Thanks for the tips Mike.
MikeDB 1 year ago
I got the same warnings on the electrolytics.  Anna at JLCPCB told me its their software that is wrong on this one, not EasyEDA libraries.  For the rotation problem, I created new footprints that put the devices in the correct position and orientation.  Note that you need a different footprint if placing components on the backside.
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