SMT presoldered amount.
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Phoenixxl 2 months ago
Hello, Can anyone clarify this for me. 2 days ago I was able to get 30 pieces of a board SMT pre-soldered, today it's only 10. Does this change depending on the amount of work is expected as to not make it hard on production ? Does this change for the weekend? Is this permanent? Id this done to stimulate the customer making panels? I have added 2 screenshots to show precisely what I mean. Dimensions were identical, in fact everything was identical. ![30.png](//![10PCB.png](//
JLCPCBsupport 2 months ago
Hello ; First let me thank you for the time taken to write your post here. The issue that you have mentioned is not permanent and it is just a temporary changing in our SMT Assembly system because we are moving the SMT Assembly to a new bigger factory and this will help to achieved much more orders with higher quality service so the system will be restored ASAP and here i what is announced in JLCPCB Official website related to this topic : > **SMT/Stencil Factory Expansion Notice** > Our SMT and Stencil factory is being expanded. We’re switching SMT and Stencil factory to a bigger one. SMT assembly order is temporarily limited to no more than 10pcs and the lead time may delay 2-3 days due to factory relocation. > The factories are speeding up production day and night, we will back to normal ASAP. > We apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding. > **How long it will take to switch the SMT factory?** > Scheduled to be completed before October 7. Delays may cause for SMT orders this month, hope you can understand. > **Why do we move our factory to another one?  ** > > > * The current prototype SMT production line is saturated with high load > * Improve efficiency and provide customers with advanced SMT mode, one-stop&efficient service, and more personalized options. > * Make more SMT quantity available and serve more customers Source of the announcement : []( We are counting on your understanding :)
Phoenixxl 2 months ago
Thank you for clarifying this. My project is not time critical. I will just wait till October. Friendly regards.
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