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Sancho_14 (toolbox with widgets + first impressions)
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Sancho 9 years ago
a) I don’t understand why I have a box “Widget” with some complex elements when there is a a library on the left hand side to chose from - at the moment it doesn’t make sense to me, on the contrary. b) At the left hand side pull down menu there is no “Widget” entry, e.g. I see “My Parts” but it’s empty - Should it be used to fill the “Widget” box? c) At the schematic’s tab “*New Schematic”, when hovering with the mouse below and above these characters, the pointer changes to the pointing fist icon, but nothing will happen at click. But I’ll start simple, using the “Drawing Tools” first.
Guest 9 years ago
a) “Widget”, parts that you need more than others. b) “My Parts” New -> schematic lib -> save it. then you will find your part at here. C) We don't find this before, you are a very very careful guy. Thanks, Maybe we will add some functions here.
Sancho 9 years ago
a) OK, but please let’s discuss that “Widget” box: Are these the parts one will often use ? - Two transformers, US style, only one has N1 and N2 (in light blue?), from a different “package”? - Two resistors, one is US the other IEC (EU) standard? - Pol. cap / batt icon horizontal but comes as vertical? - Inductors, potentiometer, … in US style only? ---> I’d suggest a user preference setting for US or EU icons, at least for the widgets box. ---> You know I want it perfect. Are these elements perfect? ---> Would it be possible to have the widgets filled by (easyEDA) default but then user configurable as you can configure symbols e.g. in Word? From a folder similar to "My Parts"? b) OK, will see later. c) Thanks :-)
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