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Sancho_16 (the line tool)
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Sancho 9 years ago
I click the “Line” tool. The Property box shows “Canvas Attributes” but I have a red crosshair and don’t know what I was going to draw (if I’ve left for a coffee). Not nice. a) The selected tool has to be highlighted! b) The property box must reflect the properties of the selected tool. c) OK, it seems it was a “line”, but how to stop it? It’s not clear when you are in “drawing” or “pointer” mode and it is not intuitively to use. Dabbling around with same drawing elements and parts … Suddenly I see the Canvas Attributes have changed to something like 385.5x267.5 and I left the grid points with my line. Not sure how I got that but maybe with the “Add new parameter” setting?. ---> Nope, I’m not happy with that drawing editor, I think I don’t like it! (I have to confess that to have all the drawing tools whilst drawing a “Schematic” is great, but I’m eager to learn how that works out when going further with electronic parts in the same layer …)
Guest 9 years ago
You are right. We are developer, so we ignore these. Thanks for you, It is a litter hard to improve, but we will try.
Sancho 9 years ago
Sorry, didn’t understand your reply, but I’ll keep that point for later (parts of my posting seems double posted).
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