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Sancho_20 (objects and groups)
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Sancho 9 years ago
Trying the select modes (drag a window, great) I can’t resist to try the “group” command from the “Wiring Tools”. Isn’t it also a drawing tool? Just want to build a symbol (? I don’t know yet what that means, nevermind). a) Surprise, I can’t group lines and pencil together? b) It seems I can’t add more lines to an existing group of lines by “lassowing” them together? c) Selecting objects by “frame from right to left” close to a group is impossible, the group gets selected, too. It seems a group has an _invisible_ outline so that you don’t have to cross any line of the group to select it. Bad!
Guest 9 years ago
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Sancho 9 years ago
Not a useful comment here, sorry.
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