Sancho_39 (red dots on wire)
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Sancho 7 years ago
Today I’ve logged in using my email address, got a pop up with welcome message, but can’t save anyway. Additionally my new circuit got three red dots, one at a resistor’s endpoint and two on a straight wiring where is no component. I can select them, but not move or delete ???
Guest 7 years ago
>>welcome message, but can’t save anyway. just welcome you login . :) >>I can select them, but not move or delete ??? It is a junction, You can't remove a junction when there are should have. 1) T junction 2) more than two PINs connect together. Drag your resistor, check if there are two wires.
Sancho 7 years ago
Junction: Just in the middle of a wire, how could I have done it? Not a T connection. I can’t reproduce it at the moment, but it showed up after saving, log out and log in again.. The “can select, but not move / delete” is strange, why would the dot stick to the wire? It should disappear if not needed?
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