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Sancho_40 (the easyEDA forums)
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Sancho 9 years ago
a) Is there a notify or listing of new answers in threads where I have posted? It is impossible to remember the reply counter for dozens of postings. b) The order of the postings is strange, to say the least. It needs the name who started the thread + date and the name + date of the last comment. c) E.g. I have seen @signality’s posting “Problem saving schematic after logging in” some days (?) ago. But now it’s in the “Bug Reports” listing described as “signality 15 hours ago” (now it is 2013/09/25 23:00 UTC) and the date of _his_ post is 2013/09/25 14:55 and the date of dillon’s comment is exactly the same 2013/09/25 14:55 - I’m confused, but generally it seems to show your time in China? d) Now even with replies the name remains from the OP with the date of the comment. e) Nice would be something like “Solved” - but we could do that if we could edit …
Guest 9 years ago
>> “Bug Reports” listing described as “signality 15 hours ago” We show last reply time for this. All of your suggestion are good. When we setup the forum, we think it should be simply, maybe we don't have many post. So we don't need to many functions. But now we think we need more function. We will add you functions step by step, when we need one, we will add one.
example 9 years ago
a) now the forum will be order by last reply time zoom, a litter bit good. b) fixed e) plan.
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