Sancho_41 (“Anonymous Files” - A question of concept)
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Sancho 7 years ago
[ Remark: This text was written before 28.9., it seems you have changed that behavior a little bit already, it reacts slightly different now in Safari, however, I think it’s still worth posting / reading / discussing] a) Sorry, I may not understand your concept, but: When opening the editor there is a section on the left hand side used for file storage. If anyone could save there it would be just a pile of sh**. Call it rubbish, garbage, lost&found - but be aware that you would have hundreds of files there, in just some days, most of them unusable, incomplete, dangerous, faulty and even deliberately wrong. => Useless. BTW even with logged in users such public files are nearly useless, people tend to start without any target / plan in mind and to fail at 10% of the work. You have to know the user (skills + mindset) to get some ideas from their work. So think about: The first page is your business card, it’s easyEDA’s personality. It will (re)present your product to the world, let it be a journalist, adversary, friend or user / customer. Don’t let crap to be visible on your first page. If there is a showcase, a display on your business card: This extraordinary space belongs to the “Top of the Top”, specially selected items to show the capability of your product AND your community / user (group). b) The pull down menu reads “My Projects” but I also see “Anonymous Files”? In contrast: “My Parts” and I see nothing? (although this would be correct now) *?*?*?*?* I don’t know enough about your concept, but what about: A new pull down menu entry as “easyEDA featured content” on opening the editor? Instead of garbage some folders like icons, schematics, PCB, contest, easyEDA news, … and sometimes (?) some files to new features / development / tips & tricks or special user contributed content or a disabled folder (visible to public - but dimmed) with content for (paid) Gold Membership, or … ? ---> Hey, this is your premium advertisement space!
Guest 7 years ago
I like your topic, it is directly. a) “Anonymous Files” If you don't share your “Anonymous Files” with other, no one will find it. It is something "unlist" like youtube. the SH** just be watched by the creator. not others. We will try to chose the best "Anonymous Files" under this folder. Maybe you don't like “Anonymous Files”, but it import for us. I explain why we need "Anonymous Files" here , <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>. b) : “My Parts” and I see nothing? If you create a "part", it wil be found at here.
Sancho 7 years ago
__a)__ OK, but I still do not understand your concept. ---> This is __bad__ - but for your concept. And sorry, your comment at Sancho_49 doesn’t explain it, I’ll comment there. __b)__ “My Parts” - Yes, it’s empty until I create something. But my question is the very basic set up of your “folders”: My Projects - selection also holds “Anonymous Files”, the emphasis is on “__My__”.
dillon 7 years ago
> selection also holds “Anonymous Files”, the emphasis is on “My”. The default “Anonymous Files” is for demo. The users can play them. You are right, "My" is not good. But we can't find any good way to host this folder, you know we hope the user find it quickly. any suggestion? thanks
Sancho 7 years ago
Assume the selection is simply named “Projects” (== My Projects and others), what about “Anonymous Files” to name “Shared” (Projects)? ---> I still don’t understand “easyEDA will place files there” versus “anybody can save there”.
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