Sancho_44 (closing last (schematics) tab)
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Sancho 7 years ago
1) Having only one tab with a drawing file the tab still has the red “X” to close it, it lights up when hovering above, but nothing happens on left_click. a) Close the tab (why not?) or b) Disable the “X” in case it’s the last tab. 2) A similar issue is the right click menu at the (last) file: The “Modify” and “Delete” are active but lead to an error message [ bad, thing about “dumb user, wanta banana?”] 3) Why is there the possibility to _create a project_ “on a file” ???
Guest 7 years ago
Hi, Now, You can't close the last tab, we must keep one tab , if you want to close the last, just create a new empty file. I will find a solution to make you to close the last tab later. >>Why is there the possibility to _create a project_ “on a file” ??? Not "one a file", just all the tree. Maybe we think right click the left tree will make you create a project fast, or you have to create a project using the menu. If you don't like it, we will remove it.
Sancho 7 years ago
@1b): It’s OK now, you have deleted the “X” - I don’t need to close the last tab. @2): Still the same “problem”: When your saved schematic is the last single tab and you right click the file name (left hand panel) you get the option to delete it but deleting results in an error message … - The menu entry should be dimmed / marked unavailable (not a big problem anyway because of the correct error message). @3: It’s OK now, removed.
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