Sancho_45 (name and icon of project folder)
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Sancho 6 years ago
a) One can have several project folders with exactly the same name. I think this is not a feature, on the contrary, it’s confusing. Now I have three folders “TEST_1”, which one is the “private” ? No one would expect that ---> avoid it. b) I thought the “categories” ... (basically a good idea, love it, but I’m not happy with your “fixed” names of them, your categories will never fit my needs, but I have no idea at the moment how to improve -???????) … will have different folder icons for each category or (better) to select folder icons from a pull down, so I could easily distinct between finished / in progress / schematics / MCU / whatever. ---> Give me at least 4 colors to choose from (the icon may be the same)
Guest 6 years ago
>>“TEST_1”, which one is the “private” ? Good idea. >>but I have no idea at the moment how to improve When we have enough users, we will using "TAG", now , we don't like our users to create too many "tag" >> Give me at least 4 colors to choose from Not now, we don't have an artist to help us to create a perfect UI. You and me should suffer these now. ): Sorry
Sancho 6 years ago
My point here is: - Folders must not have the same name, it is only confusing ! (and colors)
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