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Sancho 6 years ago
This point refers to use of Safari browser, it seems to be slightly different with FF ! At logging out easyEDA must delete the easyEDA cookies and local storage / database from my browser or alter it so that a refresh will not reload the last drawing / schematic. OK, when I visit easyEDA and I do not log in: When I leave the page I get a reminder “<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> … not been saved”. But I proceed: You have no chance to delete the cookies / storage on close, the last (crap) drawing may come back on using the “browser back” or history button, no problem. But when I have logged in and work on a “private” / confidential project I expect you to protect my privacy on log out, so no one could see what I was working on … Log out must also delete local storage which was used before log in (anonymous drawing). BTW: I do not have the “Remember Me” activated, and I’d strongly suggest that you pop up the “Login” form (together with an option / link to “Register Now”) _always_ on the opening of your editor page.
Guest 6 years ago
We just keep the last status of the edtor, If you don't like them be opend again, just close all of them before you close the browser. No one can use my computer, so I always "Remember me". >>suggest that you pop up the “Login” Sorry for this. We allow use to create files anonymous. BTW, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> has integated with our service, their users will use our software to draw a schematic and paster to their bbs anonymous. If all of our users would like login, maybe your suggestion is cool. We will keep it in our mind for this. Thanks.
Sancho 6 years ago
a) “No one can use my computer … ” - Good for you. - Wish you were right, also in the future. But at first you must think of __others__, “you” are the very least here (sorry). Someone may work on a confidential (private) project and just close the browser (in panic) because the boss, security, a customer or whoever comes in, or even correctly log out, change the visited site, after hours goes back to easyEDA but now this other person is sitting next to him … Probably the “normal” user will not know about until it happens to turn out badly. There are dozens of situations you can and can’t imagine where only correctly deleting the browser memory is the better solution. Everything else is simply wrong / amateurish. b) You aren’t telling me that you can’t provide them a link to easyEDA that will avoid / close the log in form automatically, are you? c) - I don’t understand “past to __their__ bbs __anonymous__”, it’s a contradiction to me? -------------
Sancho 6 years ago
Sorry, didn’t want that big font size ??? Read my comment below !
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