Shipping and customs
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Shlyonsky 3 weeks ago
Something has changed in the way that JLCPCB ships the orders. Shippings stuck regularly at the customs even if the total cost is well below the value on which there are no duties to pay. And it does not matter if the shipping method was DHL or economy... This is true for all my orders in 2019. Before I could get my PCBs in 2-3 weeks and with no duties to pay at all. Now I spend another 10-15 days on exchanging mails with customs that ask me for the description of the shipping and the invoice.
rom1nux 2 weeks ago
Hello @Shlyonsky, No problem to France  (No change since 2017 to now) Where did you live ?
pcb_Service 2 weeks ago
Hello @Shlyonsky, This is Eunice  Yin from JLCPCB, where do you live? Generally it will depend on the custome of your country, please check with them if there is anything changed with the regulation.
Shlyonsky 2 weeks ago
@pcb_Service I live in Belgium, here is my last order: RS291386879DE - it is still held by the customs and its only 13 euros (well under 22 euros for which we start to pay duties). On my previous order I had to pay almost 50 euros duties, but the order was big (150 euros).
pcb_Service 4 days ago
Dear Shlyonsky, You might need to contact with your custom to see the reason, the delivery method is the same as before. BTW, did you solve the problem? Please contcat with our JLCPCB service team [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to solve your problem. Have an nice day! Eunice Yin JLCPCB Group
Shlyonsky 3 days ago
Still waiting... @pcb_Service I wrote to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to ask them to initiate an inquiry because here I have no means to contact customs directly, while belgian post contact says that there is no apparent problem with the package. I also wrote that if the invoice was attached to the package that would have been customs-cleared immediately and now my package is in the line to be presented again to customs for clearance.
pcb_Service 2 days ago
Oh, I see. Hope it will pass the custom successfully. Any problem, just free feel to contact with us. Have an nice weekend!
Shlyonsky 2 days ago
I've got it finally. The package looks different from usual - and I understand the suspicion of our customs - the sender adress is from GERMANY, but the bar code on the invoice is from China!!! If the shipping is from Germany then why the declared value is expressed in USD? And you forgot to mention HS code in the invoice! Do not do that again!
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