Time from finished board to shipped?
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wm8s 6 months ago
Mine's been sitting at "Waiting for Carrier to pick up" for (if I'm reading this right) 26 hours.  Does anyone know about how long an order generally takes to go from packaged to shipped?  Thanks! ...R
MikeDB 6 months ago
I've had one like that for 4 days in the past.  The lower cost carriers only come and collect a couple of times a week.  That is why DHL costs more.  But if you've paid for DHL or other express carrier then complain
wm8s 5 months ago
It finally got picked up. I then got a message from DHL saying, "Your package couldn't be delivered due to conditions at the delivery address." After 2 hours on the phone with DHL, they finally admitted that the delivery driver just couldn't be bothered to deliver it when promised and he had just lied in the comment. Three shipments from JLCPCB through DHL, three problems. Ya get whatcha pay for, I guess...
MikeDB 5 months ago
@wm8s I actually use the cheapest deliver they offer which is about UK£10 cheaper than DHL and found it only arrives a day or two later, and comes in under the UK import tax limit so saves the ripoff £10 'customs handling charge'.  Obviously if time is money then DHL may be worth it but I can usually find something to do in those days.
pcb_Service 5 months ago
@[wm8s](https://easyeda.com/wm8s) Dear Sir, Thanks for your support to us, this is Eunice from JLCPCB group. As for your delivery issue, we will go check and solve the possible delay caused by DHL or our people. And in order to solve your problem quickly and efficently, currenty we have instant chat box on our website, if you have any question about our service or your order, you can contact with us there, generally you will get your reponse within a few hours. Any other suggestion, just feel free to contact with us, we will try our best to a better service. Have an nice day!
wm8s 4 months ago
Thanks. The board arrived; DHL was just being their normal selves. They admitted that the driver lied about the status of the order.
Alastair Hewitt 1 month ago
I'm experiencing the same issue right now. The board was completed and is just stuck in the "Waiting for Carrier to pick up" for days. I've contacted them twice now and they say it will be "shipped tomorrow", except it isn't. I paid extra for the "2-day" DHL shipping but no idea when that 2-days will start. The delay is now pushing the shipment in to the New Year holiday season, so it may could take an additional 2 weeks to ship/arrive.
tobalt 1 month ago
I have used the default shipping which took about 3 weeks to Germany. Most of this time I reckon was spent waiting in some German import office. Later I hoped that DHL express would be more seamless, but it also took about 2.5 weeks and I even had to pick it up personally at the customs office and pay a small fee. So in my experience the actual production and delivery times are small in either case. Most time is the BS in German customs offices... I wrote to JLCPCB to encourage them to clearly state the box contents and value in packing slips to allow the packages to clear customs faster and automatically, but havent ordered since. I needed the last orders faster so I ordered locally at a large multiple of the price..
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