【Translation】Help to translate EasyEDA editor to your language
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EasyEDA is free and and powerful and easy to use online PCB tool, it helps a lot of people to bring the idea to real design. If you want to help to translation: 1. please fork this project:  [https://github.com/EasyEDA2021/easyeda-i18n](https://github.com/EasyEDA2021/easyeda-i18n) 2. change to the forked project, then edit your language file such as `ui_data_uk.txt` etc. if you can't find your language file, you can copy `ui_data_hans.txt`, and then modify the txt file name with language code, for example `ui_data_xx.txt`, xx is your language code. the language code please refer at [https://www\.w3schools\.com/tags/ref\_language\_codes\.asp](https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_language_codes.asp) and then remove the Chinese text, translate the English to your language. The characters before `=` need to be preserved for example: ``` // at ui_data_hans.txt Select = 选择 // at ui_data_ru.txt Select = Выбрать ``` 1. when you finish, please make a pull request, we will merge it. 2. we check your translations if they are correctly, we will add it at next editor/website release. ## Notice 1. the `ui_data_hans.txt` is the based locale file, it has full translations. please don't edit it. 2. if you want to change language to Polish, the editor will read `ui_data_pl.txt` first, if the editor can't find the correspond with English words at this file, then the editor will show the default English word for instead. 3. don't need to create `ui_data_en.txt`, all English words are came from hard code. EasyEDA editor translation project: [https://github.com/EasyEDA2021/easyeda-i18n](https://github.com/EasyEDA2021/easyeda-i18n)<br> <br> Thank you for your help EasyEDA Team
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