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Unable to share schematic?
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dr00bert 1 year ago
I'm very, very new to PCB design and have (almost) finished my schematic. However, I have been unable to share it so I can get feedback on it. When I try to share, it redirects me to the and I have filled in the project information. When I attempt to either "publish and share" or "save as draft", I get this error, "Operation Failed! For blocking the spam post, you need to use EasyEDA editor more than 30 minutes to share the project with public or comment" It has taken me 4 evenings out of the last week to draw the schematic, so I am sure I have used the editor for longer than 30 minutes. I have used both the cloud version of easyEDA as well as downloaded the Linux desktop version (for Arch Linux) and used that. I am pretty sure I have used both of these platforms for longer than 30 minutes each. I am unsure how to resolve this and share my project. Thanks!
andyfierman 1 year ago
Maybe the 30 minutes is total activity time in the editor and not just how long you have had the editor open? It's recommended that you create a complete simple, dummy project in EasyEDA to learn how to use it before embarking on a real project as this means that you use most of the 30 minutes and that you save a lot of other people's time because the project you ask for review of has many of the beginner errors already avoided.
dr00bert 1 year ago
Thanks Andy, I just jumped in with both feet because I already have a completed schematic I am attempting to duplicate so I can design a PCB with it. I will keep going and see if I can share after a while.
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