What am I doing wrong when ordering a stencil?
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Supernoodle2014 7 months ago
Hello, I have been trying to order a stencil for a PCB design I have and have run into errors twice. So I need a PCB panelized then I need a stencil for the top and the bottom sides of the PCB. My first attempt went like this. I ordered PCBs and added a stencil attached to the PCB with a note asking for it to be the top stencil, which we will call stencil 1. Then, in the same cart, I added another stencil with a note telling them that I needed this stencil to be for the bottom side of the panelized PCBs that were in the same order, we'll call this stencil 2. A few days go by and my PCBs and stencil 1 gets fabricated, then without even an email trying to resolve the issue, I get an email saying that stencil 2 is canceled because I didn't upload a panelized version of the PCB. The thing that bugs me is that I couldn't upload a panelized version of the stencil because they hadn't made it yet. So at this point, they have already shipped my order and refunded me $7 for the stencil and $5 for shipping, and I am getting frustrated. Now on to phase two where I download my PCB file from JLCPCB, thinking this was the panelized version that they wanted. So I placed an order with a note telling them to make this stencil for the bottom of the PCB and that if they had any questions to please EMAIL me. That shipped just fine. I received it today excited to finally have both stencils. Until I opened that package and found out that the PCB wasn't just the not panelized version, but that they also had included both sides of the PCB!!! So now I am wondering how to place yet another order to finally get what I wanted in the original order, how do I place an order where they understand what I want and will email me if they have any questions? Also, what are my chances on getting any kind of refund for the stencil I received today? Sorry if this seems like more of a rant but I'm getting frustrated. here is a picture of the stencil I received today. ![IMG_1615.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/40eENEmXVIfLyjok4nq1uzEfWxtVu5IVno6Om6Un.jpeg)
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