Will parts with JLCPCB SMD Assembly= No definitely not be assembled?
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wm8s 4 months ago
I have some through-hole headers on my board, and they have the "JLCPCB SMD" property" = No.  That is good, because I do **not** want these parts assembled [I will ship them loose to the customer, who will add them if they want them].  Since they are thru-hole rather than SMD, and since the parts' property is what it is, is there any need to add a note to my board order like "Please do NOT assemble parts J1, J2, or J3" ?
andyfierman 4 months ago
@wm8s, There is a better way to control what is or is not assembled onto a PCB. In EasyEDA, all schematic symbols have two attributes: Add into BOM: Yes/No and: Convert to PCB: Yes/No The Add into BOM attribute controls whether a part is or is not listed in the BOM. Any part not listed in the BOM will obviously not be assembled onto the board. The Convert to PCB attribute controls whether or not the Footprint for that part is pulled in to the PCB Editor and therefore is present or absent in the PCB. Then when you submit your PCBA to JLCPCB, it will come back with the Footprints for the connectors unpopulated. There is a snag with this in that, because they are not in the BOM for the PCB, you have to remember to order the connectors separately. If, however, you think of those connectors as being off-board components but the Footprints for the connectors as being on-board components then there is a way to get them listed in the BOM but not assembled on the board. For each connector, draw two connectors in your schematic. Prefix each pair something like SktNN and ConnNN to distinguish them so that they have the same number but a different prefix. The number NN obviously changes for each pair. Let's define SktNN as the on-board component. Set: Add into BOM: No Convert to PCB: Yes Then define ConNN as the off-board component. Set: Add into BOM: Yes Convert to PCB: No Then your BOM will list the correct components including the off-board connectors and your submitted PCBA will come back with no connectors populated in the SktNN locations because they are not in the BOM but it will also not have any ConnNN connectors populated because although they are listed in the BOM, there are no Footprints for them on the board. There are examples of this procedure in Appendix A of (2.2) in (2) in: [https://easyeda.com/forum/topic/How-to-ask-for-help-and-get-an-answer-71b17a40d15442349eaecbfae083e46a](https://easyeda.com/forum/topic/How-to-ask-for-help-and-get-an-answer-71b17a40d15442349eaecbfae083e46a)<br> <br>
JLCPCBsupport 4 months ago
@wm8s Hello Maybe you want to read this guide : [https://support.jlcpcb.com/article/99-does-the-red-dot-means-pin-1-in-the-placement-previewer](https://support.jlcpcb.com/article/99-does-the-red-dot-means-pin-1-in-the-placement-previewer) It is mentioned in the 7th step how to select the parts to assemble and how to select the parts which you don't want to make them assembled. > **7\. What components will we assemble?** > Generally, we only assemble those components which you have confirmed when ordering. If you haven’t click the “**confirm**” button for the components, even if they occurs in the BOM file, we will not assemble them for you. Please kindly check and make sure you have not missed any components when placing the order. Please let us know if you need any further details.
wm8s 4 months ago
Thanks. I'll order the parts separately.
wm8s 4 months ago
I kept going through the PCB and SMD assembly order process, and it was quite obvious what to do; thanks very much.  But this generated a question about the Pick&Place file [which I've put in a new topic]. ...R
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