help with creating a Gerber file
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romani008 1 week ago
I need help. I have tried  to design my schematic but can't (I'm old).I have the schematic AND the component placement. I  need help getting it to a Gerber file.
andyfierman 1 week ago
If you can make your project public and post the URL to it, we can help you complete your project  and generate Gerbers that you can then submit to JLCPCB (or any other PCB fab house of your choice). There are people on the forum who can help but depending on how much help you need, you may have to be prepared to pay for their services. To help people to help you, you should also read and be prepared to provide the supporting documentation described the section: **If you are asking for help about a Project** in: [](
andyfierman 1 week ago
@romani008, Your project is private so only you can see it. If you would like help with your project then you must either: * make it public as described here: []( Or: * Add someone to your project team as an Observer or a Developer, as described in the Tutorial: [](
romani008 4 days ago
I'm sorry for the delay in responding but I broke my arm & had surgery last week. I would certainly be willing to pay someone to create my board for me. Of course depending on the cost. Like I said, I have the schematic & parts placement copy's. I'm not sure how I get them to the person though. I'm not really computer smart, & I'm typing with one hand now. I can direct you to where they are though, & yes I really need this board.
andyfierman 4 days ago
@romani008, Ouch! Surgery sounds like it was a bad break? You can add me ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])) as an observer to your project so I can have a look. You can then contact me via []( and I can discuss a price with you. If you want to proceed then you can change me to a Developer. If not. just remove me from the project and I can recommend someone else who could help you.
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