misunderstanding of word "Library"
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electronut42 11 months ago
I finally figured out why everyone gets so confused with parts in EasyEDA - you are totally mis-using the word "Library". One of your tutorials says "In EasyEDA, “Schematic Library” & “Schematic Symbol” & “SCH Lib” & “Part” & “Component” & “SchematicLib” are the same, they all be called as schematic library; “Package” & “footprint” & “PCB Library” & “PCB Lib” & “PCBLib” & “Patten” are the same, they all be called as PCB library." This is completely incorrect and very confusing.  A library is a container of a multitude of things, it is NOT a part or a symbol.  If your town has a library, it is a building that contains a bunch of books, it is NOT called a book, and the things you read on the shelves inside are NOT called libraries.  Maybe there is some translation problem with the word Library that is confusing you, you are not using it like other CAD systems do. So try to answer this questions about EasyEDA:  I am a consultant and I do designs for several different companies.  They each have a set of parts they want to use for everything.  So when I work for Company A, I must use only parts that are approved by them.  So I need to use a LIBRARY of parts approved by Company A.  When I work for company B, I need to use a different set of parts.  So I would switch PART LIBRARIES and use a completely different SET OF PARTS, which means a different PARTS LIBRARY for Company B.  How can I set up EasyEDA to have different groups of parts (which is called a LIBRARY) so I can use only one group of parts and no others?  It looks like the only LIBRARY of parts you have for this right now is called Personal.  I need to split the Personal LIBRARY into several libraries that have different sets of parts in them.  When I select "New Schematic Symbol Library", I expect it to create a new directory that will contain a bunch of schematic symbols.  I would name it "Company A Parts" and move parts into it.  I would expect a new library to show up in the left list with the name "Company A Parts".  That is what a PART LIBRARY is. If you fix this terminology, I guarantee you, the number of users of this software will go way up.  Hours are wasted by every new user trying to figure this out. -E
MikeDB 11 months ago
I agree this would help.  I actually put my initials as a suffix on all new parts I create, or if for a certain project then the initials of that project. A Parts Manager to allow you to collect parts from the other libraries into a Project Library would be most useful, especially if it could be fed from an Excel spreadsheet.  That way it would handle Client A using RS part numbers and Client B using Farnell (or whoever) part numbers automatically.
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