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stupid forum
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jthompson8 1 month ago
getting sick of this useless forum, last week you replied to a thread explaining how i can get to my list of threads i have posted so i can see responses. i cant find the thread that shows me how to find the threads i have posted in you would think there would be a button on this page that was obvious but no, you have to remember a long web address that takes you to somewhere in your account profile that has nothing at all to do with this page or forum im at the point where im ready to go back to using Autodesk Eagle simply because i no how to, and although EasyEDA is quite good and links well with JLC parts catalogue, it has so many buttons that are just not intuitive and in stupid places, witch is a shame as it is very capable software
UserSupport 1 month ago
we will fix the forum notification soon
jthompson8 1 month ago
@andyfierman and while were at it, if i click the "Add Comment" button to post this message It posts the message at the top of the page and then kindly scrolls the scroll bar all the way to the bottom to a stupidly large blue footer that then looks like something has gone wrong until you realize all you have to do is scroll all the way back to the top ? my point is just about everything about this forum in badly designed and badly writen
jthompson8 1 month ago
your just not getting it you post a screenshot of a web page with what you would expect to be a step buy step of how to get to where i need to be in EasyEDA well "easily" , great but where in EasyEDA am i supposed to click to get to that page in your screenshot (without having to remember the stupid link and type it manually into google manually) if i click "help / User Forum" i would expect to be somewhere near the page that you screenshot but no so next i try the "User Center" (In EasyEDA ) button in your first screenshot but then that looks nothing at all like your second screenshot so that's a dead end. so then i thought lets go back to the home screen, so i click the cloud image logo thing in the top left corner, well that takes me to a big blue screen with the entire menu missing, nothing at all like any of your screenshots and as there is no address bar at the top i wouldn't have a clue where any of these pages actually are anyway. so that leaves no option but to close EasyEDA (the actual program for this forum) and open Mozilla Firefox and manually type in the address you offer. where is the EASY in in using the application EasyEDA if the only option is sack the program off and use Mozilla Firefox instead ?
andyfierman 1 month ago
User Center: ![Screenshot_20220521-110136_Chrome.jpg](// Comments: ![Screenshot_20220521-110342_Chrome.jpg](// [](<br> <br> Note: [](
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