2 outlines on same PCB
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tiger54 1 week ago
Hi, I am trying to find out how to design 2 boards on the same PCB. The most topics are outdated (or with invalid links, like [https://easyeda.com/Doc/Tutorial/PCBOrderFAQ#Different-Design-in-Panel)](https://easyeda.com/Doc/Tutorial/PCBOrderFAQ#Different-Design-in-Panel) I designed something and want to stack 2 boards, so instead of design a 8cm x 4cm board, I designed 2 boards with a size 4cm x 4cm. ![easyeda.jpg](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/hAB5ttrRA4Ks5nLmtsxZQNC0dL0ptZkBO0vtBAcy.jpeg) Solution 1: Can I panelize a 2 x 1 board and insert 2 different designs on it? Or is this still not possible? Solution 2: Can I draw 2 outlines with the same size? Solution 3: Can I draw an outline line inside my PCB and this will be cut? Solution 4: V-Cut, but still can't find how to draw this cut with the current EasyEDA version. Solution 5: There is still no solution, I have to select 2 different designs on the order and pay more.
cjohnson 1 week ago
What I would do with this design, is draw in the extra outlines you want (2x2, 2x3, etc), then when you go to checkout select this option: ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/Ef0fRTuICJbfE0jbIxBlvA4Hz3RXYws7oehLs27Z.png) I've never used this, but if they have any questions they will contact you.
tiger54 1 week ago
Thank you CJohnson, At beginning I was thinking about it, but the price is higher. If you have for example a board (say 2x2 cm) and want use a 4x4cm space, you can place this board 4 times (remember that the price for a 10x10cm is 2$). If you want order this board, the cost go from 2$ to 23.80$! --> 23.80$ for a 4x4cm cutted board is really too much and can't understand why this increase so much. So this is not really an option, or is it? I mean, if it is not possible to do it with the same cost, I will cut them myself. It isn't a problem for me to cut it with a saw if it is not possible to produce and cut automatically. Just was thinking that this "cut-option" was a feature and not an option to buy.
egaistek 5 days ago
You can design it as one board and then instead of outlining each sub-board just use one outline and cutouts between sub-boards. To make a cutout place "Solid Region" and set its type to "NPTH". Cutout width of 0.8-1mm is enough to route in one pass by jlcpcb. Also you may leave more tabs connecting sub-boards together so it would be more rigid while handling. Tabs are easy to brake/cut even without v-cut. ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/J1h8GYozThgJ3zUkAa68ZQjUCmq3vMTYNYr6uS7T.png) ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/joCLyINPL8e6o3xtFOfp7cflbr7eAQVwwtLI7vnC.png)
cjohnson 4 days ago
@tiger54 well that's kind of the cost of the design. $23 is really not that expensive for PCB proto boards. I've gotten quotes for upwards of $150-200 for similar sized PCB boards. What you could do is just layout two boards, each smaller than 10x10, and add them both to your cart separately. This would be $4 plus shipping.
MikeDB 4 days ago
I do the same as egastek and it works fine, though I have a few more bridges between the sub-boards to keep them more rigid.
tiger54 3 days ago
Thank you for the help. To reduce even more the size, I designed 3 small pieces and they have a 4x4cm size, I used the NPTH to divide them. Now I got this email: > Hello, > > Many thanks for your order, but sorry to bother you to confirm **a issues.** > > In your file,there are 3 designs ,but you only select one .The price for 3 > designs is much higher. > Could you please pay for that difference 14.5$ ? > > Looking forward to your early reply. > Thanks! So it seems that it doesn't work.
egaistek 3 days ago
That is sad. So a hand cut is last resort I guess, just use silk screen lines to separate boards.
UserSupport 3 days ago
please wait for v6.1, this release will support this panelize option
MikeDB 2 days ago
@egaistek Oh that's bad.  My last order was two different 100mm * 100mm PCBs that divided down to eight different bits and they did it without problem.  It was all for the same project so on the same schematic but it these were broken out to make stacked boards due to a width limitation.
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