EasyEDA User slavazar
Show the real overall dimensions in component browser
posted by slavazar, 3 days ago , replied by Tutorials, 16 hours ago
EasyEDA User tardate
sort the parts search results
posted by tardate, 2 days ago , replied by Tutorials, 17 hours ago
EasyEDA User wolfgam
Simulation - model/subckt attach to directly symbol object
posted by wolfgam, 4 days ago , replied by andyfierman, 3 days ago
EasyEDA User msl272v
Need a dialogue with the manufacturer in the project window.
posted by msl272v, 2 weeks ago , replied by pcb_Service, 1 week ago
EasyEDA User docflash
Request: PCB Work Area Auto-Scroll
posted by docflash, 2 weeks ago , replied by Tutorials, 2 weeks ago
EasyEDA User Pranav Sathya - Tb
Mobile app
posted by Pranav Sathya - Tb, 11 months ago , replied by ricardorise, 3 weeks ago
EasyEDA User codeandsolder
Please add .dsn export option for FreeRouter!
posted by codeandsolder, 1 month ago , replied by dillon, 4 weeks ago
EasyEDA User lynxlabeling
Replace part in schematic
posted by lynxlabeling, 1 month ago
EasyEDA User lynxlabeling
Improve PCB Printing for Color on black
posted by lynxlabeling, 1 month ago , replied by myedauser, 1 month ago
EasyEDA User egzola
Hotkey for Unroute All
posted by egzola, 2 months ago , replied by Tutorials, 1 month ago
EasyEDA User xjplguy
Increase number of runs per day
posted by xjplguy, 4 years ago , replied by andyfierman, 1 month ago
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