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automatically change decimal seperator "comma" to a dot for real values instead of ignoring it
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jandressler 4 months ago
Hey Folks, i really like working with easyeda. I was wondering if anyone else wants to have the following function: While typing in a real value in a field (e.g. to change the width) the needed format is xx.xx. The decimal separator is a dot. What is request is: **if I type in a comma as decimal separator, please automatically change it to a dot.** In that case I can use the ,-key on the Numpad which would improve the workflow. I was considering finding a way to do this with an extension, but actually its not harmful to the system if this is a general feature and it would make it easier for the folks with another keyboard layout. thank you! jan
UserSupport 2 months ago
hi got it, we will support this feature at Pro editon thanks
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