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3D View
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jthompson8 1 month ago
Why does the rotate by dragging the mouse centre from the origin of the component rather than from the center of the viewport? it makes it impossible to focus on a specific location within the 3D model if you export your design to Gerber using the "Fabricate PCB" option and then go to JLCPCB and upload the Gerber file there, compaire it against the "Gerber Viewer" you have there, you can focus and zoom in on any aria of the PCB since the Pan and Tilt origens are from the center of the Viewport NOT the center of the model
jthompson8 1 month ago
@usersupport that makes no seance at all, and is not an explanation as to why you cannot display the model the same way every other 3d model application i have ever seen does.
UserSupport 1 month ago
Because we need the center of model to fit the footprint center, the system footprint origin is the footprint pad center, it is the best way to fit the location
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