3D View Origin Misplaced
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steadystate 2 weeks ago
When I choose 3D View from the PCB Layout window, the 3D model appears in the bottom right corner of the screen at a distance.  The origin of rotation is far to the left of the board (it is at the center of the window), so the board revolves around a point far from its center rather than rotating about its own center. The 3D model appears in the center of the screen (as is normal) for a small fraction of a second, then moves to the bottom right corner.  I have made sure that no entities appear outside the PCB border. Anyone else seen this issue?  Does it indicate a corruption in my files? Thanks
JLCPCBsupport 2 weeks ago
Hello ; Please attache some images to explain the issue.
steadystate 2 weeks ago
I discovered that the problem was caused by a part I found in a library.  I deleted and substituted a different part, and the problem disappeared.  Thanks for the reply though.
UserSupport 2 weeks ago
Hi Will fix soon, it is the latest Firefox impact.
steadystate 2 weeks ago
Sounds right.  I'm using Firefox.  Thanks!
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