3D model export
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PolakPL2002 9 months ago
Hi, it would be great to be able to export a 3D model from "3D View". It would help a lot while preparing an enclosure for the project.
gerdmuller.de 8 months ago
This would be a great and very useful feature for me, too. I looked for that to import a board into an CAD program.
Albert Filice 7 months ago
I too would like this feature
MikeDB 7 months ago
Definitely a good idea.  Anything that Blender can import would be fine.
UserSupport 7 months ago
It is under developing
speedv15 6 months ago
Cant wait! Would love to drop into Fusion 360
wfpaez 6 months ago
This would be absolutely useful.  I currently export the SVG of my PCBs, bring them in to 123D, re-size them and 3D print them to be able to design cases for the PCBs before they get to me.  But, if I could get a .STL file, or some other compatible 3D file from EasyEDA, that would be a huge help.
mtiutiu 6 months ago
Yep, definitely the most useful feature each **EDA** **software** **should** **have**. Waiting for this one too. Thanks and keep up the good work.
fleckingerre 5 months ago
Well I wouldn't say it's the most useful a EDA tool can do, but I would definitely love to have that too. I guess STEP or IGES are formats all 3D-CAD packages can handle.
gerdmuller.de 4 months ago
@UserSupport: Hi, any progress here? Thank you, regards.
Sylvain Centelles 3 months ago
Same for me, would be very very helpful!
Fernando Zigunov 3 months ago
Please please please implement this!!
Simon Hoeck 2 months ago
also a feature I am waiting for
lappe 2 months ago
Would really love this too...
raubenheimer.jason 2 months ago
This would be so useful!!
stewart amolvin 1 month ago
Still waiting  for the 3D file export !
Yes, waiting for it. @UserSupport any progress?
UserSupport 1 month ago
@stewart.amolvin @developerfromjokela [https://easyeda.com/forum/topic/Forecast-3D-model-preview-is-coming-soon-1252beab4a034c96afa6538df8e0e8ef](https://easyeda.com/forum/topic/Forecast-3D-model-preview-is-coming-soon-1252beab4a034c96afa6538df8e0e8ef)
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