API moveObjs reports ERROR
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BillyBuerger 7 months ago
I have some scripting I used before to auto-place a large number of footprints in a specific configuration.  I haven't used it in a while.  Just tried and I'm getting a generic error.  It seems to specifically be the moveObjs method that causes the problem.  Here's the script and the error... api('moveObjs', {objs:["gge1404"], addX:75,addY:0}); ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/krJsE6WekdfWLmXH3L0bjipOMemefFfyp5f9fZWM.png) The interesting thing is that most of the object moves but it leaves some of the pads behind.  If I move the object after this it snaps the pads back into the correct location.  So that's kind of a workaround.  Except that the script stops when it gets this error.  So I can't run it in bulk.  I would have to enter the command one at a time and then move it slightly for each of the 108 items I have to place.  Not so automated.  Any thoughts on what the error might be?  Was there any change in the moveObjs API call that might have caused a bug?  I tried some other PCB lib objects that aren't my own and I at least get the error even if in some cases everything moves.  So it doesn't appear to be directly an issue with my lib.  Thanks.
Rodrigo Schramm 7 months ago
Hi. I am having the same issue here.
Rodrigo Schramm 7 months ago
I got this output error message: **Error: TypeError:Cannot read property 'notCopper' of undefined** **TypeError: Cannot read property 'notCopper' of undefined** **    at fn ([https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/editorPCB.min.js:5:1846](https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/editorPCB.min.js:5:1846))** **    at move ([https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/editorPCB.min.js:38:9606](https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/editorPCB.min.js:38:9606))** **    at a ([https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/editorPCB.min.js:2:134](https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/editorPCB.min.js:2:134))** **    at ea ([https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:8:24561](https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:8:24561))** **    at moveObjs ([https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:17:6013](https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:17:6013))** **    at [https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:16:14963](https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:16:14963)** **    at move (eval at \ ([https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:16:14822](https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:16:14822)), \:11:1)** **    at __userjs_230504__ (eval at \ ([https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:16:14822](https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:16:14822)), \:19:1)** **    at [https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:16:14830](https://easyeda.com/editor/6.2.46/js/main.min.js:16:14830)**
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