Access an old file

  n.doural, 2 months ago

How can I access an old file?
I bought a pcb designed with this program and will not let me open the file to edit it


  • Can you see it in the Project list in the left hand panel?

  • Can you find it in: ?

  • If you can see it but still cannot open it, can you make the Project public or share it privately with Support?


You need to upgrade to the new version of EasyEDA, the new version is V4.9.3, refresh your editor a few times


Sólo soy capaz de verlo en el apartado "module" y, aunque consigo abrirlo no me deja modificarlo. Además, si una vez abierto accedo con mi usuario, sale del proyecto.
Necesito ese diseño porque tiene un error y lo quiero volver a pedir corregido.
Gracias y un saludo


I can only see it in the "module" section and, although I can open it, it will not let me modify it. In addition, if once I access with my user, sale of the project.
I need that design because it has an error and I want it to be corrected again.
Thanks and best regards


Some things to try.

1) Search for the module in My Modules.

Click the Edit button.

Can you now edit the module?

2) Open a new PCB.

Search for the module in My Modules.

Place the module into the new PCB.

Save it.

Are you able to edit it now?

3) Search for the module in My Modules.

Clone and rename it.

Search again with the new name.

Click on theEdit button.

Can you edit it now?


Muchas gracias, lo he conseguido con la segunda opción.

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