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Bare Header Pin
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Jonathan Levi 2 years ago
I need to add a couple basic pins to my PCB design.  I think what I am looking for is called a header pin, but what I want is a pin without the black plastic part at the base. I tried the "pin" wiring tool, but I don't think it is what I need.  It is not adding a piece to the PCB editor and causes an "unfinished net" error. What I am wanting is like the 5 pins shown in the image below: ![](
andyfierman 2 years ago
The type of pin is referred to in the BOM by the supplier or manufacturer part number. The supplier or manufacturer part number is called up by the attributes associated with the symbol that you have placed in the schematic. The pad dimensions in the PCB are governed by the PCB Footprint that you assign to the Schematic Symbol. The part number calls up a physical part which will have a pin of certain dimensions which then determine the diameter of the hole and pad annulus that you need for the through-hole pad in the PCB. The Footprint must accommodate those dimensions. So: 1. choose your pin; 2. Find a datasheet for it that gives pin and preferably also PCB Footprint dimensions; 3. Find or create (from scratch or by cloning and editing) a PCB Footprint for a suitably dimensioned pad; 4. If it has been edited, Save it with a unique name and a clear Description; 5. Find or create (from scratch or by cloning and editing) a Schematic Symbol for a suitable pad; 6. In the Schematic Symbol, click on the Footprint attribute and, using the Footprint Manager, assign your uniquely names Footprint to the Symbol. 7. Place the symbol in the Schematic; 8. Update the PCB. Done. Before you do this however, please read (1) and (2.2) in (2) in: [](<br> <br> as it will make using EasyEDA easier and less frustrating. :)
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